BODY 01 | BREATHE EASY – Mins® // Nutrition for now



> Time = start with 5 mins
> Makes = you relax

You will need
  • Bed/floor with a pillow
  • A quiet room
  • Phone on airplane mode
  • A closed door
  • Heavy(ish) book - holiday read rather than an encyclopedia
  • A desire to chill

  1. Lie on your back in your chosen quiet room
  2. Close the door, set a 5 min timer on your phone or watch & put it on airplane mode
  3. Put the book on your belly
  4. Breathe in & out your nose, making the book rise & fall on your belly
  5. If your chest continues to move as you breathe, place your hands on it and apply gentle pressure to encourage your belly to do the work.
  6. As you breathe in, your belly rises, as you breathe out your belly falls
  7. Breathe in & out of your nose, & when you get into a rhythm start to lengthen the exhalation.
  8. Count to three as you breathe in & six as you exhale
  9. Lie here for 5 mins