GROW 01 | LEMON BALM – Mins® // Nutrition for now



> Prep Time = 10 mins
> Grow Time = 10 days

You will need
  • Your Mins postage box
  • Lemon balm seeds
  • 4 cups of compost
  • 50ml water
  • Plate
  • Windowsill with lots of light

  1. Cut the top lid off the box, following the cutting line on the inside.
  2. Carefully poke through the drainage holes on the bottom of the box using a pencil/pen.
  3. Line the box with the tissue from your packaging. If you'd like to line with plastic, use a small bin liner. Cut to fit & ensure you poke the holes through
  4. Fill your box with good quality compost or soil to the same level as the wavy white line on the outside of the box.
  5. Push your lemon balm seeds into the surface of the soil (about 1 inch below the surface & 1-2 inches apart).
  6. Water sparingly, ensuring not to drown the seeds. Place on a plate on a windowsill with lots of natural light.
  7. Water when the soil starts to dry. Not too regularly.
  8. Watch your seeds grow & enjoy the leaves in a delicious herbal tea with lemon & turmeric!