Our Founders – Mins® // Nutrition for now



Tom & Polly have been friends since year 8. Having grown up in Sidmouth, Devon, the pair both went on their own adventures around the country, in various professions. Fast forward twenty years, with both of them back in Devon, Tom contacted Polly in early 2020 to talk about a new project. 

Polly had established herself as a quality graphic designer in London, working at Conde Nast with some of the biggest names in fashion. She was the obvious choice to help bring Tom's idea for a new vitamin brand to life. 

The pair worked together to develop a fun, bright and engaging brand. The busy UK market lacked an approachable, aspirational and attainable offering that was vegan and sugar free.

After hours of tweaking, testing and friendly debate, Mins was born. The first product; SUNBEAM see’s botanical big hitter turmeric blended with the Vitamin everyone’s talking about (and should be taking!) Vitamin D. 

Feedback has been amazing. New products are in the pipeline and there is so much more to come from team Mins.


Enjoy the unique blend of Mother Nature’s best botanicals and vitamins in easy to take, totally tasty gummies